1. How long does the hair last?

Answer - With proper care the hair can last 6months-1 year.


2. How many bundles should I purchase?

Answer- 12-14 (2 bundles) 16-20 (3 bundles) 22-28 (4 bundles or more)


3.How often should I shampoo my extensions?

Answer - Every 2 weeks is what we suggest but you can go as long as 4 weeks but we don't suggest putting a lot of product in your extensions because it will weigh the hair down and make it oily.


4. Can I color the Hair?

Answer- Yes. But we highly suggest that a licensed professional does that service for you for best results.


5. Does the hair shed?

Answer-Realistically ALL HAIR SHEDS just like the hair on our own heads, but our wefts are double knotted by the best company so there is very minimal shedding and shouldn't shed if tracks are cut correctly.


6. When will I receive my tracking number?

Answer - Please allow 24-48 hours for your order to be processed. Once that is done you should receive your tracking number with 24-48 hours after processing and shipping takes 3-5 business days.


7. What is the return policy?

Answer- All sales are final unless we make the mistake.